Samsung Teases Foldable Smartphone Launching Later This Year

Foldable Smartphone

Samsung’s foldable smartphone has been in the works for years. Well, it looks like we are finally going to witness the technology in the coming months. In a recent development, Samsung Mobile’s CEO DJ Koh said that the foldable smartphone will be launched later this year.

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Foldable Smartphone; Delivering Long Promise!

Samsung has been experimenting with bendable OLED display’s for years and the company first unveiled a prototype back in 2012. Since then Samsung has been reportedly testing dual-screen smartphones. Speaking to CNBC at the IFA in Berlin last week, Samsung Mobile’s CEO DJ Koh hinted it’s “time to deliver” on the long-promised device.

Foldable Smartphone

However, it is not clear if consumers will actually be able to purchase the foldable phone this year. According to rumors, Samsung will launch a phone with a bendable display under the company’s Galaxy Note line.

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Hinting at what to expect, Koh admitted the device and its features need to make consumers react with “wow, this is the reason Samsung made it.” However, he was tight lips about the device. Either way, we will get to know more about the device at the Samsung Developer Conference in November in San Francisco.


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