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5 New Features That May Be Added To Instagram; The More, The Better!

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Instagram has added dozens of new features on to their application in 2018. While some of these features are inherited from Facebook, some features are exclusively created for Instagram. Well, these are five impressive features that may be soon added to Instagram.

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1. Hi-Res GIF In Stories

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Since the introduction of GIF in Instagram stories, a large majority of Android smartphone users faced the issue of degraded photo and video quality. The issue occurred once a GIF was added to the story. Instagram fixed the issue with a few updates, but the quality still degrades to a certain extent. One of the new features we can expect is a support to high-resolution GIF In stories. This will completely resolve the above-mentioned issue.

2. Search Bar In Settings Page

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Instagram has added many new features over the years. As a result, the settings for these features have also increased. Locating a specific setting has become fairly difficult now. So, Instagram may introduce a search bar in the Settings Page. Using the search bar users can easily search and locate the settings they want to modify. It’s similar to the search bar we have in our phone’s settings.

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3. Save IGTV Video


IGTV is clearly a direct competitor to YouTube. Consequently, we can expect the ability to save videos on IGTV for watching them when we are offline. The feature won’t be integrated to the Instagram application and will be available to users only through the official IGTV application.

4. IGTV In News Feed


Next major update about IGTV may be its inclusion directly in the news or explore feed of users. This will help users who are uploading IGTV videos gain additional exposure. Furthermore, a user will more likely follow and continue watching the content on IGTV based on his preference.

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5. New Style In Question Stickers

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The new question and response sticker on Instagram gained immense popularity since its advent a few weeks ago. Now Instagram may introduce a new design, new theme and some additional fonts to the sticker.  Furthermore, we can also expect entirely new templates for the question sticker.

Do note that these features are still in the testing and development stage and they may or may not be introduced to the Instagram. Meanwhile, let us know what do you think about these features? Which one do you like the most?



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