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Rolls-Royce Is The Latest To Develop A Flying Taxi; Unveiled EVTOL Concept!

EVTOL Concept 1

The concept of Flying Taxi is around the town for a while now. Some companies like Airbus, Uber, and Cora had already started working on it. Well, the automobile legend Rolls-Royce has also entered into the stream by unveiling an EVTOL concept that could carry four to five passengers to their destination.

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Roll-Royce’s EVTOL Concept

The EVTOL (Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing) concept can virtually take passengers anywhere, thanks to the wings that can also rotate 90 degrees. This wouldn’t be purely electric but will have gas turbines that would produce up to 500 miles at a peak speed of 250MPH.

EVTOL Concept

The wing propellers would fold away once at cruise height to avoid bothering either passengers or people below. The hybrid approach may not be the most environmentally friendly though there would be batteries for energy storage, you would only need to fuel the turbine to get back into the air, which is potentially important for commuter services.

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The design is mainly focused on the congested cities and could be used for both flying taxis as well as a mean for private transportation. Well, this is still a concept and Rolls has nothing but renders to show at this point in time. The company hasn’t listed any customers yet, although it has promised to fly sometime in the early 2020s.


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