WhatsApp Adds Forwarded Messages Labels To Curb Fake News In India

Forwarded Messages Labels

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Fake news has become a serious problem and few have already seen instances going out of control (like the false accusations of child trafficking and organ harvesting have provoked peoples into mob violence that killed 12 people). Well, to tackle all this, WhatsApp forwarded messages labels is here. This will curb the misinformation spread over the app to some extent.

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WhatsApp Forwarded Messages Labels

In a blog post, WhatsApp announced the new label, which will indicate when a message has been forwarded to someone from another user. According to Poynter, this label will apply to text, image, video, and audio messages.

Forwarded Messages Labels

Prior to launch this feature, WhatsApp had beta tested these forwarded messages labels in India (company’s largest market) and Brazil. Both the countries make up more than 300 million users for WhatsApp, which apparently makes a vital source to spread misinformation.

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This flimsy effort of WhatsApp is limited by its platform’s strength; since all conversations are encrypted, moreover the service itself can’t monitor message content or track keywords. WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook, on the other hand, scans and analyzes public post for suspicious text and activity is technically more efficient.

What do you think about myriad steps taken by WhatsApp to retaliate fake news? let us know in the comment section below.


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