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5 Twitter Bots You Should Follow Right Now; Enhance Your Twitter Life!


Twitter is the most reliable and useful social-media platform. It helps a user to stay updated about what’s happening in the world. Well, so as to improvise your Twitter experience here’s a list of ten helpful Twitter bots that you should follow right now.

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1. @_grammar_

This Twitter bot holds your back whenever and wherever you make a grammatical error. The bot replies even when you post a tweet or update your bio. Well, the bot automatically detects the errors and replies with the possible correction to be made.

2. @year_progress

The next bot on the list does exactly as the name suggests. It notifies the followers with the percentage of the year completed. Time runs rapidly, and this bot helps realize the importance of time. You can follow this bot to increment your productivity.

3. @DearAssistant

@DearAssistant can be considered as a personal assistant for Twitter just like Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana. The Assistant replies to most of your queries. The bot is developed by a computer science engineer Amit Aggarwal.

4. @netflix_bot

This bot shares updates about new releases on Netflix Instants. These updates are shared between 5-7AM MST every morning. You should definitely follow the bot if NetFlix is where you spend most part of your day.

5. @WhatTheFair

The last bot on the list is also one of the most useful Twitter bots on the list. This bot tells you the estimated revenue for your UBER rides. Simply tweet your pick-up and drop-off points. You have to follow the above-mentioned format to calculate the fare.

What do you think about these bots? which one impresses you the most? let us know in the comment section below.



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