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Instagram Might Let You Ask Questions In Stories; Go Bit More Vocal!

Ask Questions

Instagram already lets you run polls and closed-end questions, but what if you would like your feedback to be a little more talkative? you might actually get that wish in place very soon. Yes, Instagram might add a feature to ask questions in your story and let people bit more vocal about it.

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Ask Questions To Your Followers

The Facebook-owned company is rumored to be adding the ability to ask questions in its Stories. Yes, don’t baffle your mind this feature is not actually there in the app. A tipster for Android Police has shared what it looks to be a test for a questions feature in Stories.

Ask Questions

IMG: Android Police

Create a question in the Story and your friends can type their own answers, which you’ll see listed by the user. The above screenshot is of an Indonesian user, while Italians have also reported seeing the option.

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This new feature with let you connect with your followers verbally especially when they can write as long-winded as they want. This feature doesn’t seem to have rolled out to everyone yet. Looks like Instagram is doing A-B testing of this feature, hope this feature makes out of testing and go live.


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