TechDipper Podcast Is The New Tech Audio Experience; Stay Plugged To The Trend!

TechDipper Podcast

We at TechDipper feel happy to announce a completely new medium to consume our content in the audio form. Well, this is the introduction to TechDipper Podcast. This new audio medium will help our readers gain detailed information about various technological developments coupled with a detailed analysis of various happenings in the world of technology that influence our lives.

What’s TechDipper Podcast?

The audio-based Podcast content will be delivered on a weekly basis and we may even increase the amount of content down the road. These Podcasts will be available on most popular podcast streaming services like iTunes, SoundCloud and Google Podcast. Lastly, all these podcasts will be uploaded in English. So these are the three major categories that we upload content on.

1. OpenTalk

The first series is a continuation of the popular OpenTalk series on our YouTube channel. Well, this series is dedicated to interviewing and gaining knowledge from various social-media influencers. Furthermore, these influencers have their specific fields of excellence. Consequently, we can expect a wide array of information on several different topics.

2. CreativeCast

The next series will be based on a discussion. These discussions will be based on major topics that may or may not be related to technology. The guest will share his or her knowledge, experiences, thoughts and opinions about the topics to be discussed. Well, these discussions will end up providing the listeners with detailed information.

3. TDAnalysis

The last series will be based on the TDAnalysis article that we publish every Sunday based on various technology-related topics. We research, analyze and then display the collected information in a readable format. The audio version will act as a more detailed variant of the article.

At TechDpper, we are always open for suggestions and feedbacks. Consequently, your support and feedbacks are much needed for our improvement. Do reach out to us either through comments or by our social media handles.

Our Podcast;

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