3 Methods To Add Electronic Signatures To Microsoft Word Documents

    Signatures act as a symbol of legitimacy and reliability. Well, everyone has his or her own signature that is used as a verification. Since we are living in the 21st century we need to rely on electronic or digital signatures. Furthermore, the documents that we deal with are no more in the form of paper. Consequently, here are three methods to add electronic signatures to Microsoft Word document for free.

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    1.Scan And Input

    Electronic Signatures

    The easiest way to add electronic signatures is by scanning and inserting the image. Take a white sheet of paper and make your sign it. Using your smartphone properly scan the signed part of the paper. Save it as an image file like JPG or PNG. Lastly, choose your signature picture from your files and click Insert. Furthermore, properly crop and resize as per your preference and use the digital signature.

    2.HelloSign Application

    Electronic Signatures

    HelloSign is a helpful application for adding an electronic signature. It allows users to drag and drop files that require signatures. Furthermore, the application is not only limited to word documents it can be used with almost any document of choice. Well, the application is available for on ios and Android device and comes with Google Drive integration. Lastly, you can also purchase the paid version to enhance the functioning of the application.

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    3.Google Docs Add-Ons

    Electronic Signatures

    The next method to add electronic signatures is through Google Docs. Simply, upload your Word file on Google Drive. Next up you can download dozens of add-ons that will help you to add electronic signatures on your documents. Once activated, you can then draw a new signature or choose a saved photo.

    Do share any other method that you use to add the electronic signatures to your documents in the comments section below.



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