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Instagram TV (IGTV): Everything You Need To Know!


Instagram recently surpassed 1 billion active users. Well, Instagram has improved over time by adding new helpful features. Consequently, the number of active users increased exponentially. Well, today at an event in San Francisco Instagram launched a new app that allows users to upload videos of up to one hour long. So here’s everything you need to know about Instagram TV or IGTV.

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IGTV: Application Review

Instagram TV is a standalone application that allows users to watch long-form vertical videos. The application is simple to use but still in its early stages. The major highlight of the application is the one-hour time limit, which is more than enough to share content. If you have Instagram installed on your smartphone then Instagram TV will prompt you to simply sign-in. Then you will we be presented with the content that the people you are following uploaded.


Instagram TV has all the basic functions available, like liking, commenting and sharing videos. Furthermore, you can easily control the playback of videos. Instagram TV also offers a personalized “For You” and “Popular” feed to share reasonable content. Apart from that, you have your following feed and continue watching feed, that is pretty self-explanatory.

IGTV: How To Use?

Apart from using the application to watch your favorite creators, you can even create your channel. The application allows users to create their own channels and start uploading vertical videos. Simply tap on your profile photo to create your Instagram TV channel and upload videos. Lastly, the application also allows users to search for various other creators and watch their content.

IGTV Vs. YouTube


Indirectly, IGTV is definitely competing with YouTube. Instagram is expanding its services, in its own unique approach. Uploading vertical videos is easy and efficient for most smartphone users. Well, the application also provides discovery features which makes it more useful. Lastly, the quality of videos doesn’t decline by Instagram’s compression algorithms. As a conclusion, IGTV will definitely stand as an obvious competitor to YouTube.

It is worth noting that IGTV will also be integrated into Instagram after the latest updates. Since the application is still in its early development stages, we can definitely except new nifty features to be added in the application down the road.

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