Google Chrome 67 Let’s You To Sign-In To Most Services Without Password

Google Chrome

Google introduced a new version of Chrome- Chrome 67. This new version will offer many new features, that will significantly increase the speed and security of chrome and make it more efficient.

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Well, the most exciting feature is the ability to sign-in to almost every internet service without the hassle of searching for passwords. So here’s everything you need to know about this helpful feature.

Password Free Sign-Ins

Password-free sign-ins and autofill are one of the most important features of any internet browser. Furthermore, the most common issue with these features is security. Well, Chrome 67 holds your back as it offers password-free sign-ins come that from the Web Authentication standard, launched in March by the FIDO Alliance and the W3C.

Chrome 67

The new version allows you to sign-in to almost every internet service using unique credentials. It also makes it difficult for intruders to use commonly used passwords and get access to your accounts. Well, this is done by giving each service different login credentials.

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Chrome 67: Added Features!

Chrome 67 also offers site isolation. In simple words, it prevents a website to access information from other open tabs. Furthermore, Chrome 67 is completely secure from Spectre-Style attacks. Lastly, the new chrome relies on Generic Sensor API to support VR content. Consequently, this will improve integration between desktops and various other gadgets.


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