5 Best Weather Apps For Android In 2018; The Best Of The Chart!

    Gathering information about weather can be highly beneficial for proper execution of plans and projects. The changes in weather are as significant as the change in time. Well, you can easily rely on your Android smartphone and some weather apps to get accurate and real-time weather reports. So, here are 5 best weather apps that can prove to be helpful.

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    1. Google Assistant

    The first application on the list most likely came preinstalled on your phone. Yes, you can simply command Google Assistant “Hey Google what’s the weather”. Google Assistant will send the current and the next few hours weather condition based on your location.

    Weather Apps1

    Moreover, you can also subscribe to “send daily”. Once subscribed Google Assistant will automatically send weather updates based on the time and location selected.

    2. Yahoo Weather

    Yahoo Weather will definitely impress someone looking for a professional and stunning user interface. The application provides detailed weather updates coupled with high-quality images to depict the weather.

    Weather Apps2

    Yahoo Weather also provides information about wind, pressure, precipitation and current phases of sun and moon. One of the best features of Yahoo Weather is inclusion of good collection of widgets and ability to receive regular weather updates through notifications.


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    3. 1Weather

    1Weather is another simple yet useful application, that can be used to stay updated about the weather. The application provides accurate forecast, wind & pressure, precipitation, wind speed, UV index and visibility information.

    Weather Apps3

    One of its feature – Radar will let you view weather layers like clouds and UV index on terrain and satellite maps. Moreover, you also get detailed information about timings related to sunrise, sunset, and moon as well. 


    4. AccuWeather

    AccuWeather is another application that provides hourly, daily and next 15 days weather forecast. This application also allows users to integrate weather information with the calendar. The application also provides weather Maps and animations to depict the cloud structure and UV index.

    Weather Apps4

    Major features of this application include international weather news, comparison of actual temperature to real-feel and ability to directly share screenshots of weather conditions with friends and family.


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    5. The Weather Channel

    Weather Apps5

    Last app on our list is The Weather Channel, which offers a dynamic home screen, local and international forecasts and current weather conditions. Apart from all the basic features, the application displays air quality, wind speed, visibility and barometric pressure. You can even except personalized weather videos based on your location, which is an added bonus.


    So, these were the 5 best weather applications, that you can rely on for fast and accurate weather updates. If you wish to share any other application then do help the community by commenting it.


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