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Instagram Will Let You Download All Your Data; After Portability Criticism!

Portability Criticism

Credits: TechCrunch

Data protection and privacy are a big concern around the world. The social networking companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter need to appropriately take care of the information that we share. After portability criticism, Instagram is bringing portability tool, which will allow users to download all their data.

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Instagram Data; Post Portability Criticism

According to TechCrunch, Facebook-owned Instagram confirmed that it is building a new data portability tool so users can download a copy of everything they’ve put on the service, which includes photos, videos, and messages.

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This tool could help Instagram users monitor how much of their data is on the platform, which will also comply with the forthcoming European data privacy rule, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will require all data to be portable.

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The details of how the Instagram data will arrive on your hard drive, whether or not you will be able (also) to export your following and follower lists, likes, comments, Stories and so on, and what level of transparency will have Instagram share with its users. We will have to wait until the new tool comes out. Stay tuned.


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