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10 Best Telegram Bots You Probably Didn’t Know About; Give It A Go!

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Telegram App has over 200 million active users. Well, Telegram offers some nifty features that help it to stand out from the crowd. Earlier, we even wrote an article on why Telegram is the only messaging app you need. So here are some Telegram bots that will take your Telegram experience to the next level.

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Telegram Bots

1. Sticker

@sticker is an inline bot. This bot helps users access the most relevant sticker based on the emoji they entered. Using stickers makes the conversations much more funny and interesting. While finding the most accurate sticker can be troublesome. So here’s what you need @sticker.

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2. Otouto

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@otouto allows users to make Google Search, including maps and YouTube. You can even access Reddit and Wikipedia using this bot. The commands are easy to learn as well. Lastly, this bot is platform independent. You can use it on both a smartphone or a PC.

3. Gamee

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A useful bot to play games during boring chat sessions. Gamee offers a wide collection of games coupled with some impressive categories to choose from. Use @gamee to start gaming in Telegram.

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4. DoTo

DoTo does exactly as the name suggests. It allows users to create to-do lists, share them with colleagues and more. It can be used for making travel plans, assigning work to team-mates and much more. To start simply search @dotobot and leave a message.

5. Combot

Telegram Bots

Since Telegram allows up to 100k group members in a group. Consequently, if you are a group administrator and want to get information about chat analytics then this bot will definitely help you. You can get chat statistics and metrics and drive engagement in your Telegram group.

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6. WordBot

Using the bot @lexicobot you won’t need to close Telegram and search the meaning of a word or phrase. It acts as a quick definition or dictionary bot. Definitely its useful during conversations.

7. Wiki

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This bot allows you to share Wikipedia links. It can come really handy when you are working on a project with your classmates. Since this is an inline bot, you can simply call it by typing @wiki and then tap on the suggested links.

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8. Vid

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If you wish to share any useful video, but at the same time don’t want to waste time searching and then sharing it on YouTube. Then @vid would definitely help you. Simply use @vid and start typing the name of the youtube video.

9. GIF

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Telegram natively doesn’t support GIF, but you easily access them through @gif. Using gif you make your conversations interesting. The bot will send the GIF to your friend from Simply type @gif and start texting your emotions to get the relatable gif.

10. BOLD

Telegram Bots

Using @bold you can do exactly what you are thinking right now. Yes, you can send a bold text using @bold. Apart from that, you can also use Italics and Fixedsys styles. Simply type @bold before entering the message.

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These Telegram bots will definitely help you and improve your Telegram experience. If you wish to share any other bot then definitely help the community by commenting it.


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