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Do You Own Your Photos, Posts On Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram?

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Have you ever wondered about the copyright status of the photos, videos, posts, and tweets that you post on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Do you own the content you publish on these platforms? So here’s the complete answer to the above-mentioned questions.

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Copyrighted Content You Posts On Social Media?

If you created anything be it photo, video or any form of written information like posts. Consequently, you have exclusive rights to display, copy, use, produce and distribute it. In simple words, if you are the creator then you can do whatever you wish with your creation.


This includes earning money by selling or giving the right to use your creation. However, it is worth noting that, you don’t have access to a creation that you create as a part of a job. As you are being paid for the services.

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How Social Media Platforms Use Your Content?

In the 21st century, it is fairly difficult to stay away from social media. We use it for connecting with our friends and families, getting news and share our creations and talents. Well, when we signup with any such social media platform by agreeing to company’s terms and conditions, which more than 99 percent people don’t read.

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Well, there it is clearly mentioned that these platforms, can use your content for any form of advertising or commercial use. They may even make money with it, and won’t offer you a penny. Definitely, this is a major issue and users can’t do anything with it. If you plan to either delete your content or your account as a whole, even then these companies may retrieve this data from their backups servers, if wanted badly.

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There is nothing much to worry about it, at least as of now. Most of the time, publishers rely on social media platforms for content to be published in newspapers, magazines, and books. So, your content (hopefully) will not be misused, but clearly, you don’t own your content (not entirely at least).

What do you think about these privacy policies from social giants? did we miss anything? do share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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