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This New Mozilla Firefox Extension Stops Facebook From Tracking You

Firefox Container

Mozilla has shown a great concern over recent Facebook privacy and data, which swelled out to bring a new Firefox extension that obstructs Facebook from tracking your online habits and show targetted ads on your feed.

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Mozilla Firefox Extension

The new extension from Mozilla, dubbed as Facebook Container, creates a blue-colored browser tab that isolates your Facebook session from rest of your web activity. It is designed in such a way that, Facebook cannot collect your browsing data to target ads.

Firefox Extension

If you click a link on Facebook it will simply load in a new tab that’s isolated from Facebook Container and if you click Facebook share buttons on any other sites then it will load them within the special blue tab. This add-on acts as a shield to your browsing data.

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Well, clearly this Firefox extension wouldn’t have prevented the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but it could have stopped Facebook from tracking users outside its platform. Facebook’s (efficient) ad tracking technology allows the company to know when you’ve been shopping for items and present you with ads for those products directly on Facebook.

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Do note; Mozilla already blocks ads and trackers in its Firefox private browsing mode, but this new container simply makes it a lot easier to prevent Facebook from tracking, a pretty good alternative for deleting your Facebook profile, what say?



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