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EXCLUSIVE: A Major Instagram Bug Allows You To Send Messages To Yourself [SOLVED]

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Many times Instagram has accounted for various bugs in the Android application. Even Though Instagram fixes them quickly, but they definitely act as major issues. So here’s an Instagram bug that we came across, which allows users to send messages to themselves.


What’s About This Instagram Bug?

This bug allows users to send direct messages to themselves. Doing this is simple as well. Simply search your username in DM, and if your name pops-up then, tap on your username and try to send yourself a message.

Well, if your account is related to this bug, you will receive a message from yourself. Later on, you will be able to see two direct messages. One from the sender side and other from the receiver side (shown above below).

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We encountered this issue in the Instagram for Android version We found the issue to be present on ios as well. Do note, some users may face the issue while some may not. It all depends on the problem that occurs in the application when something faulty occurs.

Try it out with your account and if you face the exact same issue, do share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.