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IBM Introduced World’s Smallest Computer; Everything You Need To Know!


The most common trend that we notice once we compare two consecutive generations of computers is a significant reduction in size and drastic improvement in the processing power. IBM recently introduced a computer whose size will surprise anyone. So here’s everything you need to know about world’s smallest computer.

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How Small Is The Smallest Computer?

To possibly compare the size of this computer to the tip of your fingertip, this picture depicts a combination of 64 motherboards. Each of these motherboards contains 2 of the smaller computers.


Well, this computer is just 1mm x 1mm as far as dimensions are concerned. The computer is designed to incorporate small computerized chips in ring-sized gadgets. It is worth noting that, the manufacturing cost of this computer will be hardly 10 cents.

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Specs, Features, And Applications

The smallest computer offers a processor which IBM claims to have the power of an X86 chip from the 90s. It has SRAM and a photovoltaic cell for power. This computer also comes with an LED and a photodetector which acts as a communication module.


One of the major application of this computer includes Quantum computing. Cryptographic anchors enable blockchain to be used in physical products which is yet another major application of this computer. This computer acts as an increment of the IBM’s “Crypto Anchors” program.

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