This Is Nimbus ExaDrive, Clocking 100TB; Specs And Features

Nimbus Data SSD 1

The major functions of an SSD include speeding up the computer and it also acts as an additional storage. Well, most users prefer to use smaller SSD clocks up to 128GB or 256GB of storage.

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Talking about power users they max out their SSD game up to 512GB or 1TB in rare cases. You will be surprised to know about Nimbus ExaDrive with a maximum of 100TB storage, and apparently that it world’s largest capacity SSD.

Nimbus ExaDrive 100TB SSD

The Nimbus ExaDrive DC100 is the world’s largest SSD with up to 100TB of storage. This SSD is still in its testing phase, but users can expect it to launch by this summer. The SSD offers a read and writes speed of 500MB/s. The SSD is based on 3D NAND flash memory. The company claims the SSD to last for five years. If it doesn’t last for five years, the company will replace it.

Practically, 100TB is too much storage for an average user. This SSD storage is mainly useful for pro users. It can be used by filmmakers or other content creators, who store everything they record. Well, 100TB can store more than 20,000 HD Movies more than 20 million songs and possibly an infinite number of JPEG images.

Do you use SSD? If so, what’s the capacity of your SSD? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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