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Next Gen GPU Architecture, Nvidia Volta: Explained!

Nvidia Volta 1

Nvidia Volta is a next-generation GPU architecture that was announced five years ago but hasn’t reached production stage yet. This architecture focuses on bringing real-world details to games and virtual environments.

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This week at GDC, Nvidia has announced some features that will be exclusively available to the Graphic Cards based on Volta. Hence, here’s everything you need to know about the Nvidia Gameworks features, that will be exclusively available for GPU’s based on Volta.

Nvidia Volta: Latest Increment

Nvidia Volta 2

The newly announced features come with support to the Microsoft’s latest DirectX API known as DXR. This will be compatible with GameWorks Ray Tracing / RTX as well. Furthermore, it will be helpful to develop games based on DXR’s functionality. These clearly specify how powerful the Volta and future generation of GPU architecture will be.

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Ray Tracing: The Core Concept

Our eyes see and explore things around us using light. Photons help illuminate an object and our eyes get the information about the color, shape, size, and distance of that entity. The Raytracing mechanism works on the exact same principle but has an inverse mechanism. In Ray tracing mechanism millions of rays are sent towards an object, they gather the information and using that information a single pixel gets its color and identity.

As a result, this generates graphics that are highly accurate in terms of shadows, reflections, and refractions of the light ray in the real world. Everything looks more realistic. Hence, all this information combined with modern GPU Power, an extract of 10 years of algorithms and GPU architecture defines the power of Volta.

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On-Going Development

Nvidia has announced that many companies are ready to display real-time ray tracing at GDC this week. The market leaders like Epic Games, EA and Unity have already started the development.

Nvidia Volta

Which means that the upcoming games from the mentioned developers will be based on the new GPU features and architectures. Consequently, we won’t see any Volta based GPU or features at GDC. But we can definitely except some real-time examples to depict the technology.

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