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Nvidia BFGDs Unveiled, 65-inch 120Hz 4K HDR Gaming Displays

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Nvidia BFGDs (Big Format Gaming Displays) got unveiled at CES. The display range is 65-inch and the company has managed to add PC makers like Acer, ASUS, and HP for manufacturing them 4K HDR displays.

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Nvidia BFGDs: 65″ 120Hz 4K HDR Display

The giant monitors come with Nvidia’s own G-Sync technology for pushing out higher frame rates, apparently making for perfect high-end gaming PC. The displays will also have Nvidia’s Shield integrated into them. So expect a lot of streaming apps and support for the Google Assistant.

Nvidia BFGDs

In addition to that, the G-Sync alongside the support for 120Hz refresh rate with a 4K resolution is a blessing for gamers. Nvidia hasn’t revealed exactly how much these 65-inch gaming displays will cost.

Well, Acer has also announced 27-inch 4K HDR monitor with 144Hz G-Sync, but the monitor still hasn’t been released, not even the prices are released yet. So, it is pretty clear that these displays are bound to be very expensive.


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