Facebook Messenger Testing Snapchat Like Streaks Feature

Streaks Feature

Facebook has replicating features from Snapchat for a while now, whether through Instagram, or its Messenger or on its own. So, there shouldn’t be any surprise if the company brings another new feature from Snapchat.

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Snapchat Streaks Feature In Messenger

In case if you don’t know? Snapchat Streaks feature is a set of direct snaps sent back and forth between friends for consecutive days, also comes with emoji rewards. A Twitter user @CaseSandberg spotted this experiment.

“A lightning bolt may appear next to the name of a person you’ve messaged with for at least three days in a row and a counter will show how many consecutive days you’ve been chatting.”

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Well, Facebook confirmed the testing a similar Streaks like feature in its Messenger. This is clear ripoff to the Snapchat owned feature. The social networking giant is aiming to bring up more engagement with this feature.

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