Facebook Messenger Adds PayPal Payment Support; Send Money Easy!

Messenger Adds Paypal 2

Facebook Messenger added PayPal payment support within in the app, last year. But, today, Messenger adds PayPal payment support, which will give users an interface to use PayPal account to send and receive money within the messenger app.

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Messenger Adds PayPal Payment Support

Users who have linked their PayPal account to messenger app can now send or request money and can also set as default for all transactions within the messenger app. PayPal will also launch a service bot which will be at your service.

Messenger Adds Paypal 2So, you need to tap the ‘+’ icon inside the messenger app and then hit the green ‘$’ icon and then enter the amount you want to send or receive and can also include a short note. After entering the amount, you will be asked to connect your PayPal account or debit card and after then you can proceed to pay.

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For your information, PayPal payments are only available in the US, but Facebook will soon roll out to other areas in the coming week or months. According to PayPal, there are more than 2.5 million users, who have linked their PayPal accounts with Messenger.

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