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Lawnchair Is The Best Near-Stock Android Launcher; Pixel Features!

Lawnchair 1

Lawnchair is a new launcher boasting near-stock Android features. So, you can use the Pixel features without having to actually buy one, as it mimics the overall functionality and appearance of Pixel launcher found on the original Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

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Lawnchair: Near-Stock Android Launcher

The Lawnchair Launcher features Google Now integration, much like Google’s own launcher. Apart from that, the app itself is easy to use with a varied customizability options and snappier to use, of course.

Lawnchair 2In addition to Google Now, the Launcher also offers things like Notification dots change your icon pack, manage the appearance of your home screen by icon scale, define gestures and tweak your smartphone with a ton of other options.

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On the downside though, Lawnchair Launcher will need an app called Lawnfeed installed on the device for Google Now integration to work. The launcher gives out a stock Android feel to your smartphone. Well, if you want to try the app, click the link below.


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