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Amazon Working On Alexa-Powered Smart Glasses; Report

Smart Glasses

Amazon is reportedly working on its first wearable device; Smart Glasses, which is said to be powered by Alexa, apparently making it smart. The device is said to look like a regular pair of glasses, however, there won’t be any screen or camera as with Google Glass.

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Alexa-Powered Smart Glasses

According to The Financial Times, the glasses can be smartphone-tethered, will use bone-conduction technology, which will let users hear Alexa without the need for earphones or conventional speakers. Apparently, this project is backed by Google Glass founder Babak Parviz, who was hired by Amazon in 2014.

amazon echo show blackThe E-commerce giant is also planning to beef up the hardware line with a new internet-connected home security camera systems, which when connected to Amazon’s Echo products, people could view a live video on the Echo Show.

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Amazon is clearly hoping to dominate the growing smart-home market with loyal customers and according to a study by eMarketer, 71 percent of smart speaker customers in the US buying Echo devices. Well, one or both of these products may arrive this year along with few updated Echo products, according to FT’s sources.

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