Infrared WiFi Will Let You Download Three Movies Per Second

    We have been hearing a lot of technological improvements being developed and researched and now, Infrared WiFi adds into the list. Dutch researchers says that they are employing a wireless network which will make WiFi speeds up to 300 times faster.

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    Infrared WiFi

    It has light antennas which will radiate multiple invisible wavelengths at various angles. If user’s smartphone or tablet moves out of one antenna’s sightline, another takes over. Infrared wavelengths don’t go into your eyes, making them safe to use.

    Infrared WiFi 2The biggest advantage is that, it lacks moving parts making the system maintenance and power-free, moreover each user gets their own antenna. Another efficiency or say another advantage, is that light doesn’t go through walls.

    The big benefits we see of our technique is that you offer unshared capacity to each individual user, so you get a guaranteed capacity. Next to that you only get a beam if you need the traffic.

    This also means that your communication is really confined to the particular room, which makes it secure and nobody can listen from outside. The Infrared WiFi team is seeking funding to help make the technology widespread within five years.

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