How to delete an Undeletable File/Folder In Windows [Fix]

    Are you having troubles deleting a file or folder in windows? The traditional way of deleting file or folder isn’t working?


    Does it display the following error while trying to Delete a file/folder?

    “Could not find this item. This is no longer located in XYZ. Verify the item’s location and try again.”

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    In this Tutorial, I’ll be trying to delete a folder named Photos located on my Desktop. I’m using Windows 10.


    Here’s a fix using Command Prompt:

    1. Go to Start and type CMD or Command Prompt.

    2. Open Command Prompt.


    3. Type cd /d <folder location>

      (To get your folder location Right click on the Folder > Click Properties)


    4. Now Copy and Paste the folder location on to the Command Prompt.



    5. Click Enter. (It’ll now show all the Folders in the given location)


    6. Type rmdir /q /s <folder name>

                     If you are trying to delete a file,  Type del <filename>

    7. Click Enter.

    ► The File/Folder will now be permanently deleted from your computer.

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