5 Best Photoshop Alternatives You Must Try [Free + Paid]


Adobe has an overwhelming suite of software that is used by almost all the content creators out there. One software that we usually see the most in action is the Adobe Photoshop that allows you to edit photos using an incredible set of tools. However, exceptional software comes at a great prize and you need to shred a lot of money to buy just one software from the whole Adobe suite.

So, in this article, we bring you some of the best Photoshop alternatives that you can start using right now. This list contains both free and open-source software, as well as paid software. We request you to donate some amount if the project is open-source, as a lot of effort goes into developing software which is as good as Photoshop. That said, here are the Photoshop alternatives.


1. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation)

GIMP is an entirely free, cross-platform, open-source, powerful software that doesn’t cost anything. It looks and feels like Photoshop and is feature-rich as well. Starting with the UI, it can be easily understood by an absolute beginner, after using it for some time. GIMP hosts every tool that you might need to edit a photo except handling RAW files on its own which is a bummer.

Gimp - ""Best Photoshop alternatives"

GIMP also has a huge library of plugins where you can easily find a plugin that supports RAW image handling. If you’ve used Photoshop, GIMP is really easy to master; however, if you’re new to photo editing, there are tutorials that can help you master this software.


2. Paint.NET

The nostalgia of using Microsoft Paint as a kid still lies somewhere inside us. Paint.NET is a great Photoshop alternative that was created as a replacement for Paint. It is a simple and super easy-to-use tool but lacks the tools required to heavily edit pictures.


If you’re completely inexperienced with photo editing, this is a great place to start and then move on to any of the advanced tools available out there. The UI resembles the OG Microsoft Paint and is overall, pretty nimble. Overall, it is one of the best Photoshop alternatives on this list.


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3. Canva (Web) [$19/month]

Canva is an amazing online image editor that can help you manipulate your images with ease. There’s a lot to Canva than what meets the eye and the stuff we know about Canva as its daily users, is enough to make this article longer so, we’ll try to keep it shorter.


First up, the rich selection of templates, images, and various elements is amazing. These components make your life a lot easier as you no longer need to deal with extra elements that take a lot of time to be designed. Apart from that, you can also add Hi-res images that are also integrated inside Canva which you can use once you buy the pro version.

The UI of Canva is one of the best you’ll find on this list. Overall, Canva is an amazing web-based software aimed at providing newbies/”not so frequent” people to level up their editing game and hence, is one of the best Photoshop alternatives on this list.


4. Pixlr Editor (Web)

Like Canva, Pixlr is also a web-based photo editing software and unlike Canva, it’s completely free. There are a lot of specific reasons why Pixlr is better software than Canva, the first one being, Pixlr feels and looks like a fully-fledged photo editor whereas Canva can be used for selecting various predefined elements, putting them together to edit an image.


We spent a quite significant amount of time on Pixlr and we can easily say that it is one of those minimalistic yet feature-rich online tools out there which is a lot underrated. This software suits better for people who know about the elements used to edit pictures and are just getting started with their photo editing journey.


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5. Krita

Krita is yet another completely free, open-source photo editing software on this list that not only looks like but also feels like using Photoshop. It is packed with loads of features that you’d expect from a comprehensive photo editing software.


Krita’s cross-platform and can be downloaded on Windows, Linux as well as macOS. The software also supports drawing tablets, comes jam-packed with a lot of filters and effects. One area where the software lags behind is, no support for camera RAW filter. Overall, it’s a pretty great software that you should try out and is one of the best Photoshop alternatives that you can download right now.


So, these were some of the best Photoshop alternatives that you can find online. Let us know in the comments section below if you know about a better software than Photoshop or other apps present on this list.

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