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Boult Audio, a brand that specializes in audio products has launched two new products in the wireless category- Boult Audio Livebuds and Boult Audio ProBass FlowX. According to the company, both the products offer a flawless ‘True Wireless’ listening experience.


Boult Audio LiveBuds And ProBass FlowX

Starting the Boult Audio LiveBuds, the Boult has shaped the True wireless in-ear headphones with meticulous design, high portability, and a charging pod case can go up to a week without charge.

It features an ergonomic design which according to the company won’t fall during workouts. Moreover, it gets paired to each other soon you open the case, making the overall progress quick and easy.

Boult ProBass FlowX

Coming to the Boult Audio ProBass FlowX, the neckband is lightweight and flexible to carry all day around the neck. The earphones are lightweight and have a battery life of up to 16 hours, and the livable fit prevents it from falling off, even when you work out.

It comes with in-line controls that can be used for answering, hanging up, and adjusting volume, play/pause. The Bluetooth comes with audio decode technology that maintains the best audio transmission.

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Boult LiveBuds is priced at Rs. 2,999, while the new improved PowerBass FlowX is priced at Rs. 1,299. Boult Audio LiveBuds is available for purchase on Amazon and Flipkart, however, ProBass FlowX is exclusively available on Flipkart.


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