How To Permanently Delete TikTok Account [Quick Guide]

Delete Tiktok Account

Are you tired of the TikTok Vs. YouTube controversy? Want to delete your TikTok account but don’t know how to? Well, You’ve come to the right place, amigo!. Here’s how you can delete TikTok account permanently on both Android and iOS.

Why Should You Uninstall TikTok?

With over 2 Billion downloads, TikTok has become one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play Store. The app contains short videos made by users that are meant to ‘entertain’ other users.

The fact that TikTok has been a controversial topic is due to the ‘content’ that people shoot on it which, found to be obscene. We’re not saying there aren’t any good creators, but the ratio of lousy content creators is higher.

Delete Tiktok Account

Personal views may vary based on your mindset, but, we found TikTok to be miserably dreadful. The app was also caught many times for selling personal info, and it has also been banned from many countries, but the app never seems to die down.

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Another important reason why you should uninstall TikTok is the Attention span. You see, people in ancient times used to have a phenomenal attention span because of the inexistence of social media. They used to read books, novels, and had a lot of patience, which we clearly lack today, and the reason for this is social media.

Books and Social Media - "How to Delete TikTok Account"

To put things in perspective, in the 17th, 18th or 19th century, people used to complete a book within a day or two, Later, came movies that you can complete watching in an hour or two, then came 10 minutes YouTube videos, and now you end up spending just 15 seconds to watch one TikTok video. What does this mean exactly?

Goldfish Attention Span - "How to Delete TikTok Account"

The attention span of ours has decreased so much that now we need to watch something entertaining every 10 seconds or we’d get bored. We have a shorter attention span than a Goldfish, which is insane.

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How To Delete TikTok Account Permanently

Warning:  You will not be able to recover the account or the purchases made once it’s deleted. We suggest you think before following any of the further steps. However, shared information like chats with other users may still be available to the other users associated with those conversations.

  1. Launch TikTok and Sign in (if required).

TikTok me - "How to Delete TikTok Account"

2. Find the “Me” section at the bottom of the app.

Manage My account - "How to Delete TikTok Account"

3. Tap on “Manage My Account

Delete My Account - "How to Delete TikTok Account"

4. At the bottom, you will find a “Delete Account” option, which will be slightly greyed out and will delete TikTok account.

Delete Confirmation - "How to Delete TikTok Account"

5. Follow the on-screen prompts and voila! You no longer are a part of the “TikTok community” the next thing you’ll find is success knocking at your door.

How To Delete TikTok Account Without Password

  •  If you forgot your email and password, you could use your phone number associated with your old account.
  •  You can also email the support team of TikTok to delete all data on the platform, but the process will take quite a lot of time.

The account deletion is not instantaneous, and it takes 30 days for your account to be deleted.

A better alternative, you ask? Checkout Vine’s successor Byte, which was recently launched. That said, share your thoughts on banning TikTok in the comments section below.