7 Best Torrent Clients For Windows [2020]

7 Best Torrent Clients for WIndows

Torrent clients are used for downloading files that utilize peer to peer systems. With the help of these clients, we have a faster way to get files, such as movies, games, etc.

There are many Torrent clients out there, but not all of them are good. Some of them inject ADs, install useless third party applications (without your permission), or even potential malware. So, in this article, let’s look at the seven best Torrent Clients for Windows that are clean and completely free to use, which you can download right away.

Warning: This article is for education and knowledge purpose. Downloading pirated content is illegal. We don’t promote piracy by any means.

7 Best Torrent Clients For Windows

1) Our Pick: QBittorrent

QBittorrent is one of the oldest torrent clients in this list and the development is still active today, it is clean and easy to use torrent client, and has all the nifty features that you would expect a torrent client to have. It also supports modern torrent client features like magnet links, private torrents, encrypted connections, remote control via a web user interface, and much more.QBIttorrent - "7 best torrent clients for windows"

QBittorrent is available for nearly all operating systems. You can download and run it on Windows, macOS, Linux, OS/2, and FreeBSD, and it also has support for more than 70 languages, which is excellent.

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One neat feature that we like the most about this Torrent client is the built-in search tool. Sure, it requires a little bit of setup, but once it’s done, you don’t need to deal with the hassle of going to torrenting sites you would typically use to find your downloads. Also, by setting this up, you can skip the content of a torrenting website that might be infected with malware. Hence, QBittorrent is our top pick in the best torrent clients for windows.


2) Deluge

Deluge is a free and open-source torrent client that we genuinely like. The installation and the UI of the client are pretty simple, but if you want some of the more advanced features, you can customize Deluge to your liking by using its wide range of plugins.

QBIttorrent - "7 best torrent clients for windows"

Deluge functions excellent as a desktop client, but it can also be run as a service instead, thereby letting it run in the background or be controlled remotely. This makes it an excellent tool for a download and distribution server, as well as a standard torrent client for individuals on their home system. All in all, this client will serve your purpose well.


3) Tixati

It might look retro, but don’t be deceived by its looks. Tixati is jampacked with features. It supports all the essential basic functions of a modern torrent client, like magnet links, prioritization, and sequential downloading. Still, it’s where it goes beyond that helps separate it from some of the alternative clients out there.

tixati - "7 best torrent clients for windows"

Tixati provides a lot of comprehensive data on the peers that you’re connected with, from the volume of data you’re dispensing with them, to their possible location based on their IP location, and the preference you’ve set them in your sharing schedule. There are also comprehensive analyses of your bandwidth usage.


4) uTorrent

uTorrent has been here since 2005, and it is one of the most widely used free torrent clients. It has attracted some criticism over the years for pushing ads and injecting bloatware without the user’s permission. Many users argue that the most recent versions either have too many ads or come bundled with bloatware.

utorrent - "7 best torrent clients for windows"

Hence, we suggest you make sure you go through each installation step carefully rather than spamming the “Next” button. Apart from the downsides, uTorrent is a pretty useful and practical client. If you want a clean and user-friendly experience (includes ads), this is one of the best Torrent client available for Windows.


5) Torch Browser

Torch Browser is a Chromium-based web browser that comes preloaded with a torrent downloader, something we don’t usually find these days. The user interface is reasonably easy to use and to download all your favorite torrent files while browsing websites at the same time.

Torch Browser - "7 best torrent clients for windows"

Arrange the torrent downloads in the list or grid form, and you can see the real-time download and upload speeds at the bottom, which is lovely. It also lets you play video files before the download even finishes, which is impressive. Apart from that, it also has all the other features a modern torrent client would have.


6) BitTorrent

Just like any other torrent on this list, BitTorrent is a robust client and comes preloaded with loads of features. It organizes torrent downloads in different categories and provides way more technical details than any other torrent. Users can find torrents using the inbuilt search box (much like QBittorent) that opens a web browser, which is an excellent feature.

bittorrent 1

While it comes with lots of features, it also comes with advertisements and a lot of them. But, you can also buy the pro version, which comes with built-in media player, AV protection, and the ability to stream torrents as they download. This one good Torrent client for Windows.


7) BitComet

A couple of features that make BitComet stand out in this list are long-term seeding and intelligent disk caching. Long-term seeding helps in fetching the data (during torrent downloads) from other peers who have 100% of the torrent file. This helps when all the seeders go offline, and the torrent gets stuck.

BitComet - "7 best torrent clients for windows"

Intelligent disk caching as the name suggests caches the accessed data in the main memory, and the hard drive is disturbed less often, preventing any performance impacts. Hence, it is one of the best torrent clients for windows.



So, these were some of the best torrent clients for Windows. Of course, not every one of them is perfect, and they target a specific audience in the torrent community. So, users who don’t want stuffed ugly torrent downloaders can go for Torch Torrent. For the people who prefer features over appearance, BitComet, Deluge, and QBittorrent are excellent choices. Don’t get twisted, uTorrent and BitTorrent are good, but overloaded ads are not.