4 Reasons To Buy iPhone SE 2020 Over OnePlus 8

OnePlus 8 vs. iPhone SE 2020

With OnePlus launching OnePlus 8 at $699 (Rs 41,999), and Apple surprising us with the pricing ($399 / Rs. 42,500) of iPhone SE’s successor, iPhone SE 2020, April has already been an exciting month for tech nerds.

In this article, we’re going to point out the critical differences between both the phones and help you decide which one will be a better pick. We’re not going in detail with the specs, instead, we’ll only be focusing on specs that make these phones stand out.

Why Choose iPhone SE 2020 Over The OnePlus 8?

1. iPhone SE 2: A Better Performer

iPhone SE features an A13 bionic, which can be found on the iPhone 11 series, whereas the OnePlus 8 features the latest Snapdragon 865 SoC. The A13 performs slightly better on the GPU side of things, whereas the CPU performance is similar, and it feels great to see Qualcomm catching up.

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In the above Speed Test G performed by Gary Sims of the Android Authority, the performance on both the SoCs was the same. The reason why we think the performance gap is going to be significant is. SE sports a 720p 60Hz panel meaning the CPU resources needed to push the pixels on the screen will be less, which, again, will not make a massive difference in the performance but, the difference will be visible.

2. Better Battery Life On The iPhone SE

iOS battery - "iPhone Resale Value - "4 Reasons To Buy The iPhone SE 2020 Over OnePlus 8""

The battery capacity of the SE is 1960mAh, which, when compared to today’s standards, is incompetent. But, because of the lower resolution display, 60Hz refresh rate, and excellent software Optimization coming into the picture, the SE should offer a better battery life than the OnePlus 8.

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3. Software Updates

iOS-13 Update - "iPhone Resale Value - "4 Reasons To Buy The iPhone SE 2020 Over OnePlus 8""

OnePlus is one of the best Android Phone manufacturers in terms of Software updates. Apple offers 5 Years of major iOS updates compared to 2 years of updates on the OnePlus 8. Hence, if you’re someone who plans to use this phone for a long, long time, the iPhone SE might be for you.

4. Better Resale Value

iPhone Resale Value - "4 Reasons To Buy The iPhone SE 2020 Over OnePlus 8"

Now, this is something that we don’t usually care about, but some people do. iPhones have a higher resale value compared to Android devices. If you’d like to sell your iPhone SE in a couple of years, we’re sure you’ll get much more out of it than an OnePlus 8.

Why Should You Buy the OnePlus 8?

OnePlus 8

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, everything else is better on the OnePlus 8. Hence, if you’re a fan of compact devices or Apple, we see no reason why you shouldn’t get the iPhone SE 2020. You see, most of the people give the brand name the most priority than the on-paper specs. If you want a great Android experience, then OnePlus 8 is for you.

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We see more people buying the iPhone SE 2 than the OnePlus 8 due to the considerable price difference and “Apple’s Hardware.” Above are some of the reasons why you should buy iPhone SE 2020 over OnePlus 8. Let us know what you would prefer and why in the comment section below.


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