What Is Google Collections? How To Create, Edit, Share, And Remove It

    Google Collections is a Pinterest-inspired feature inside the Google app. It will suggest you the stuff you searched for, groups them and stores them in one place. With Collections, Google’s algorithm will look at your search habits and suggests new collections.

    Collections will consider and suggest activities like shopping, cooking, and other hobbies. You can also save the proposed recommendations and even create new ones depending on what you like, which, in turn, will improve your search recommendations on Google, meaning the desired search results will have high chances to appear at the top.

    What is Google Collections?

    Google Collections was introduced in the Google app back in 2018, and was a replacement of ‘saved pages.’ It was later moved to the Google apps content bar and was introduced to bookmark on Google.

    Google Collections - ""

    You can find it on the bottom of the app or the right of the Discover tab. It offers Pinterest-like boxes with large cover images, and you can see your favorite places, searches, and pictures, and the time of the search. You can create new collections and add stuff in that collection.

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    You can also share a collection with your friends to make it collaborative. Before this, you could only share collections that were viewable with others. It was only till the recent update when Google added this feature. This allows members in a group to make changes to a collection like family members using a shopping list or employees sharing and editing work-related items.

    How To Create A Google Collection And Start Adding

    • Go to the Google app and find the Collections tab beside the search option.

    Collection Tabs 1 - "What is Google Collections? How to Create, Edit, Share, and Remove it."

    • Find the “+” icon at the top right corner.

    Collecttions Tabs 2 - "What is Google Collections? How to Create, Edit, Share, and Remove it."

    • Click on it and enter the name of the new collection.

    Collections Tabs 3 - "What is Google Collections? How to Create, Edit, Share, and Remove it"

    • To add stuff in it, go to your favorite page ( in our case :P), and at the top right corner beside the three-dot menu, you will find the bookmark option.

    Collections tab 4 - "What is Google Collections? How to Create, Edit, Share, and Remove it"

    • Click on it, and it will ask you in which collection you want to add it in. Select the collection you just created, and the page will be added.

    How To Share Your Google Collection Or Remove Pages  

    • To share the collection, in the top right corner of the collection name, find the three-dot menu, and tap on sharing. Enable sharing via the toggle, and a link will appear. Share the link with your friends or family members to add them as contributors.
    • To remove a page, tap on the three-dot button below the page thumbnail, and from the list that appears, choose remove.

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