Huawei Kirin 820 5G Vs Snapdragon 765G: Which One’s Better?

Snapdragon 765G vs. Kirin 820 5G: Which ones better-

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G is one of the most powerful upper mid-range SoCs out there. It has the capability to compete with the older flagship processor. Recently, Huawei launched Kirin 820 5G (with Honor 30S), which rages a sense of competition between both the processors.

Can Qualcomm’s latest mid-range SoC beat Kirin 820 5G? In this article, let us compare both of them (Kirin 820 5G Vs Snapdragon 765G) and find out.

Kirin 820 5G Vs Snapdragon 765G: Specs Rundown!

Snapdragon 765G 5G

The Snapdragon 765G is an upper midrange chipset. It is fabricated on the 7nm FinFet process. Qualcomm’s has used custom Kryo 475 cores based on ARMs Cortex A76. The fastest core that Qualcomm calls the “Prime” core is clocked at 2.3 GHz, another Cortex A76 clocked at 2.2 GHz six power-efficient ARM Cortex-A55 cores clocked at 1.8 GHz.

Snapdragon 765G Specs - "Kirin 820 5G vs. Snapdragon 855 Plus: Which One's Better?"

The Adreno 620 GPU offers a 40% performance improvement over Snapdragon 730G and supports 5G with the Qualcomm X52 5G modem. The 765G sits in the middle of Snapdragon 835 and Snapdragon 845 with regards to the GPU. Weirdly, the CPU on the 765G (Kryo 475) is better than Snapdragon 845 (Kryo 385).

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HiSilicon Kirin 820 5G 

The Kirin 820 5G (much like Snapdragon 765G) is a mid-range chipset that is also based on a 7nm architecture. It comes with four ARM Cortex A76 powerful cores and four ARM Cortex A55 power-efficient cores. The Cortex A76 cores are clocked at 2.36 GHz, while the other three are clocked at 2.22GHz.

Kirin 820 5G Specs - "Kirin 820 5G vs. Snapdragon 855 Plus: Which One's Better?"

Huawei claims the SoC boasts up to 27% improved performance over its predecessor, Kirin 810. It has a Mali G57 which is a 6-core GPU from ARM. The Mali G57 offers a 38% boost in performance compared to its predecessor, Mali G52. The Kirin features the same modem found in Kirin 990, which supports dual 5G.

Kirin 820 5G Vs Snapdragon 765G: Winner?

The Kirin 820 5G has four Cortex A76 cores which are higher than two Cortex A76 cores on the Snapdragon 765G. The Snapdragon 765G is more power-efficient thanks to six Cortex A55 cores vs four on the Kirin 820 5G.

Snapdragon 765G - "Kirin 820 5G vs. Snapdragon 855 Plus: Which One's Better?"

The GPU on 820G is better than Adreno 620 thanks to the four cores. Don’t get us wrong; Adreno 620 is a good GPU but, Mali G57 is just better. Hence, Kirin 820 5G is a clear winner in both the CPU performance and GPU performance.

Kirin 820 5G - "Kirin 820 5G vs. Snapdragon 855 Plus: Which One's Better?"

Qualcomm SoCs are not OEM specific like Kirin SoCs. Hence, if you choose to go with Kirin, there’s no other option but to buy a Huawei device. Even if you buy a device with Kirin 820 5G, you might not end up liking the bloaty user interface of EMUI and the restrictions in regards to the bootloader on Huawei devices.

Just in case, if you are into rooting Android devices, stay away from Huawei. Except that the Kirin 820 5G is a clear winner.


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