How Coronavirus Has Affected The Tech Industry So Far? What’s Next?

    Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of things have changed in the tech world. From OEMs closing the factories to the major events being called off, the virus has disrupted the lives of people.

    Flipkart and Amazon have also joined hands with the Indian Government and have stopped delivering orders to support the idea of “21-day Lockdown”. So, with a lot of tensions building up across the nation, what changes could we see in the tech industry.

    Firms Woes

    Right after the first Coronavirus case in India, the results of many employees tested positive probably because they were traveling a lot. Right after a few more positive reports, companies ordered employees to work from home, which was a good move considering how contagious the virus is.

    Coronavirus and Tech

    Big Players Stepping Inn

    Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, and many more OEMs had to close their factories both in China and India. As a result, Xiaomi phones are out of stock now, and the prices of replacement parts have also increased significantly.

    We also saw huge events like — Google I/O 2020, MWC 2020, and a lot of smartphone launches being canceled, which was heartbreaking for many tech fans.

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    However, social media websites are booming with people spending time on them all day. Recently, Instagram pushed an update which enables you to watch content with your friends.

    Samsung and Apple have distributed millions of masks to help prevent the virus. Elon Musk, CEO of Telsa, SpaceX donated 1146 ventilators while the richest Asian man and founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, donated millions of face masks.

    A Stage Of Panic?

    While social media is being used for good causes, there have also been many fake rumors and news that people believe to be true, especially on WhatsApp, which most of the people use to converse.

    Fake WhatsApp Rumours - "How Coronavirus Is Affecting The Tech Industry"

    This misinformation is causing panic among people due to which more fake news and rumors are being spread. Hence, we request you not to forward the long messages that you get on WhatsApp.

    How Is Technology Being Used?

    China is using robots and drones to spray disinfectants, and people are recovering from the virus. Even after seeing what China has been through, the people of India are not hesitating to step outside their homes despite numerous warnings from the Government and Police.

    What Role Do We Play?

    We belong to this world, and it is our responsibility to protect ourselves as well as others. Firms are trying hard to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading, and all we need to do is sit at home and be productive. The economy of the country is bound to decline if people don’t take the virus seriously. The tech industry will be in decline until the pandemic ends.


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