5 Best Free VPNs That You Can Use In 2020 [Best-Of-The-Best]

Best Free VPNs

In a plethora of free VPNs out in the app stores, it is confusing to pick one, especially when you read different articles suggesting VPNs that you’ve never heard about before. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the five best VPNs that we found on the Google Play Store. For starters, VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network, which, as the name suggests, is used to secure yourselves and your data from cyber thefts.

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Warning: No matter how many promises a free VPN makes, it will “ALWAYS” obtain your data and sell it. VPN service is pretty expensive to execute, and therefore the only way for these companies to earn is by selling the data they gather from the users.

Best Free VPNs

Whereas paid VPNs follow a strict no-log policy, which means the data is never stored and your privacy is guaranteed. It is okay to use a free VPN if you don’t care about your privacy. But, if you do want to protect your privacy, check out our top list of paid VPNs. “Link Goes Here”

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is probably, the best free VPN on this list. The main highlight of this VPN is the list of locations you get to choose is vast. The servers are pretty fast, enough to make it the fastest VPN on the list. There are eight free servers to choose from, and for users who might be interested in accessing websites of other locations, there is a VIP plan that they can enroll by paying $36 annually.

Turbo VPN - Best Free VPNs

The UI is neat, and the connections are pretty stable as well. There is no limit to how much data you can use. There is also a premium version which helps you unlock access to other locations with still no guarantee about secure browsing. The connection is relatively quick, and we didn’t notice connection drops or slow internet while using the app.


Thunder VPN

The about section of the app on the Play Store states that it follows a “Strictly no-log” policy, but the claim was found to be false, and the proof can be found here. That aside, the speeds are pretty okay for a free VPN. We tested it on a 40Mbps connection with the server set to the fastest one and got a speed of 2Mbps on average.

Thunder VPN -Best Free VPNs

There are six free servers to choose from, and you can also buy the premium version to unlock access to more server locations. Lying about things isn’t generally considered to be a best practice among technology firms. Many Tech firms usually think people to be dumb, and when found guilty, they lose popularity. Being transparent about stuff makes people believe in us, which is unquestionably more beneficial than misleading and losing trust.


Secure VPN

“The about section of the app on the Play Store states that it follows a “Strictly no-log” policy, but the claim found to be false, and the proof can be found here.” Did you notice how I copied what I wrote in “Thunder VPN’s” first paragraph?. That’s what Secure VPN has done. The app looks precisely similar to Thunder VPN except for the home page, which shows the time that you’ve been using this connection.

Secure VPN - Best Free VPNs

The speeds are also pretty much the same. If you ask, why does this exist in the list? The short answer is because it has 10 million downloads, which is mind-boggling. This case is more like an OPPO, Vivo, and OnePlus. People believe they’re entirely different manufacturers but, the fact is, they all belong to one company, BBK Electronics.


Touch VPN

TouchVPN is probably the fastest VPN out there. The UI is pretty neat. While we tested it on a 40 Mbps connection by selecting the fastest server (the US in this case), the speed was 8 Mbps, and we were quite surprised. The irony is, being an app that collects data and sells it, it has a feature that they call “WiFi security.”

Touch VPN - Best Free VPNs

The app also lets you control which app gets to use the network, which is a bonus to you as well as TouchVPN (You know). Overall, the app is pretty good. We did notice a few connectivity issues at first, but then the connection was quite stable.


Hola VPN

Hola is different among the other VPNs in the list. Ask how? It lets the user choose the application to be opened and then starts the VPN service only in the selected app. It’s an excellent feature for both the users and Hola to collect your data (*cough *cough). The speeds were fast, with the highest speed test result capping at 7.3 Mbps, which makes this VPN one of the fastest in this list.

Hola VPN- Best Free VPNs

We did notice minor lags in the connection as well as the UI. We felt the UI needs to be more polished as it looks ancient. Overall, the app is pretty good when it comes to functionality. We don’t suggest you use it unless you’re planning to uninstall it after a couple of minutes of usage immediately.


Every VPN mentioned in the list has ads. The ads are ridiculous, but they didn’t bother us too much. We suggest you use these VPNs if its a need of the hour. Do not forget to remove them from your phone as they might end up sending your precious data before you even know.

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Free VPNs are pretty good but come at the cost of giving away your data. Data privacy has become a significant concern to people, and if you are one of them, it is better to buy a paid VPN as they are pretty cheap nowadays. Your data is your own, and you have every right to protect it no matter what kind of obstacles block your way. The quote “Prevent or regret later” fits well in this context.