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With the tech world continually advancing, it’s essential for today’s entrepreneurs to stay on top of new developments. Falling behind from a technological standpoint can be extraordinarily costly for any modern business, and particularly for those looking to stand out in competitive fields.

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Starting a new year has highlighted some of the shifts and improvements in technology we’re likely to see moving forward. So, we’re taking a look at some that are particularly likely to benefit entrepreneurs for the remainder of the year ahead, and how they might do so.

1. Data Analytics

In an October piece on the best apps for entrepreneurs in 2019, we highlighted the program “Looker,” which essentially helps businesses to compile data, visualize it, and act on it. While programs like this have been available for years now, though, and Looker was indeed one worth looking into in 2019, it stands to reason that data analytics will only continue to become more accessible over the year ahead.

Data Analytics

As of now, we’re in a stage at which many people operating their businesses understand, at least vaguely, the perks of data analytics. Fewer are implementing them yet, though. Data Analytics should shift gradually as more programs like Looker become available, and the process of gathering and using business data becomes more intuitive.

2. 5G Networks

5G networks are generating a lot of buzz in the early days of 2020. Various tech and telecommunications companies are already advertising their systems, and consumers are looking forward to faster connections, even if the specific benefits of 5G are still somewhat ill-defined. But 5G will also be necessary for a lot of small businesses that can make use of it in the early going.

Help Entrepreneurs

EWeek wrote an overview of 5G benefits specifically for small businesses, such as enabling more remote working or unlocking more IoT features for smaller companies. It even pointed out that 5G could allow some of these businesses to experiment with exciting things like virtual reality or holographic projection – which would have been reserved only for larger, more capable companies in the past.

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3. 3D Printing

Some have the perception that 3D printing for niche activities, or even hobbies, such as the production of figurines or game pieces. This technology has come a long way and has grown both more versatile and more accessible along the way. Fictiv’s breakdown of 3D printing services describes the various benefits modern businesses can enjoy at this point.

3D Printing

For instance, it clarifies that 3D-printed parts can now be made available in 24 hours in some cases; that they can be crafted in numerous suitable materials according to need; and that some professional services even inspect work before releasing it. Services like these are going to enable more businesses to take advantage of 3D printing moving forward, and we’d expect many more to be doing so by the end of the current year.

4. No-Code App Development

By now, most people are well aware that coding is not required to create a professional-quality website. At the outset of 2020, however, it’s worth pointing out that the same can be said of mobile apps. Learning Hub defines no-code app development as the creation of an application through a GUI that eliminates the need for formal programming knowledge.


Help Entrepreneurs

In other words, this form of development works much the way many modern web design platforms do, enabling creators to drag and drop features to organize their apps with no programming requirements whatsoever. As more business owners become aware of this, it will inevitably lead to more small businesses building their apps to pair with or even replace their websites.


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