Stuffcool 10000mAh Power Bank (PB81PD) Review


Early this month, Stuffcool launched its ultra-compact 10000mAh power bank in India. This power bank, unlike the typical power banks available in the market, is compact and relatively light-weight and comes with USB Type-C PD 18W QC 3.0 with two-way fast charging support.

Stuffcool sent us a unit, and gladly we have tested this power bank for well over two weeks. So, here’s our comprehensive review of Stuffcool 10000mAh Power Bank (PB81PD).


Stuffcool 10000mAh Power Bank

  • Capacity: 10000mAh
  • Input: Type-C PD18W (power delivery)
  • Output: Type-C PD18W + USB-A (QC 3.0 compatible)
  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer


Stuffcool 10000mAh Power Bank

  • Stuffcool 10000mAh Power Bank in Black color
  • 20cm Type-C to USB A mini cable
  • User manual

Design And Build

Starting off with the design, the power bank sports a small rectangular design with curved corners with a plastic body. At the first look, the power bank looks stealthy and rigid, however, the plastic body is prone to scratches and also attracts fingerprints easily. At the front, there’s Stuffcool branding and a text that shows it has both USB Type-C PD 18W and Quick Charge 3.0 compatible.

Stuffcool 10000mAh Power Bank

Dimensionally the power bank is quite thicker (91 x 64 x 21.5 mm) than most of the 10000mAh power banks we have tested so far, but somehow the compact size makes up for it. It weighs just 169 grams. Coming to the ports, there’s a Type-C port on the bottom with USB PD 18W input (5A-3A / 9V-2A) and USB PD 18W output (5A-3A / 9V-2A /12V/1.5A). Next to it is the USB Type-A output (5A-3A / 9V-2A /12V/1.5A) port.


Stuffcool 10000mAh Power Bank

Going in-depth, there’s a battery indicator button on the right side and the battery indicators are on the left. The indicators blink (one light for 0-25%, two for 26-50%, three for 51-75% and four for 76- 100%) in white color during normal charging and discharge, but the first LED glows in green while using power delivery or quick charge function for both input and output.

Stuffcool 10000mAh Power Bank


Let’s talk about the most important part of the power bank, the performance. The Stuffcool 10000mAh power bank can charge even an iPhone, iPad and other Android devices. Since it offers USB PD output, the power bank automatically recognizes the device you plug and offers an ample amount of power required.

Stuffcool 10000mAh Power Bank

In our testing, we found that, although both the Type-C and Type-A ports offer maximum 18W output, only one port offers fast charging at a time. Loss of power during voltage conversion is pretty common in power banks, and Stuffcool doesn’t reveal the charging conversion rate.

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Compared to realme’s 10000mAh power bank which has 3.6V/36.3Wh battery with an output of 7,200mAh, this power bank has 3.7V/37Wh battery, the actual output is 7,400mAh. We were able to charge the Redmi Note 8 Pro almost one and half times, so the conversion rate should be somewhere around 75 to 80%.

Stuffcool 10000mAh Power Bank

No, we haven’t faced any heating issues from this power bank. Although the company doesn’t mention the charging time, we have found it to take 3 hours 45 minutes using 18W Quick Charge 3.0 fast charger. Much like other power banks, even this power bank has protection against over-current, over-voltage, temperature protection and more.

Stuffcool 10000mAh Power Bank Longevity? well, the company claimed more than a 500-time charge/discharge life cycle. So, no need to worry about the power bank’s battery life for 500 days even if you recharge your power bank’s drained out battery daily after using the power bank to charge your smartphone more than twice a day.

  • Compact, easy carry
  • Supports Fast Charging
  • Intelligent control circuit

Stuffcool 10000mAh Power Bank

  • Attracts scratches and fingerprints easily
  • Thicker than many other 10000mAh power banks
  • Only one output port


The Stuffcool 10000mAh power bank is priced at Rs. 1799 and is currently sold at an offer price of Rs. 1399 on and Stuffcool’s website. If you want a stylish yet compact power bank with the capability of two-way fast charging and USB PD support for charging Apple products including Macbook, then this is the power bank you are looking for.



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