Apps For Entrepreneurs

Modern entrepreneurs juggle a variety of concerns, from issues related to logistics and management to the demands of marketing and finance. Luckily, there are apps tailor-made to help leaders do business in the age of disruptive technology. Here are our top 5 best apps for entrepreneurs in 2019.

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Communication is everything, as it can mean the difference between a lackluster workforce and an empowered, productive team. Slack centralizes all your work-related conversations in one convenient app and even lets you create private channels for content that may be confidential to a specific team within your business.

Slack- Apps For Entrepreneurs
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What helps Slack stand out from other messaging platforms is its ability to seamlessly integrate other apps that you may find yourself using in your day-to-day operations, such as Dropbox or Salesforce. Moreover, Slack also lets you enable two-factor authentication, helping ensure that your team’s private communications are kept safe from cybercriminals.


Gone are the days of physical file storage, as more and more businesses make the move towards cloud storage. If you’re just starting out, Dropbox is an easy-to-use app that helps you keep everything organized and accessible in the cloud.

Buffer- Apps For Entrepreneurs
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Dropbox’s security features also let you control exactly who gets access to which files, wipe data when you lose a device, and recover files whenever (or if ever) you need to.

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In today’s business world, data, and who can wield it best, determine who succeeds. That’s why tools for business analysis are an indispensable part of an entrepreneur’s arsenal. This explains the popularity of business analysis courses on Udemy, with over 275,000 students enrolled in programs on the site — and rightly so.

Looper- Apps For Entrepreneurs
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Business analysis enables entrepreneurs to visualize, benchmark, and run analytics on data about a company, its customers, and the industry. Careful statistical studies can tell you where you currently are and what needs to be improved upon. This is something that Looker gives you access to, right at the tip of your fingers.

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Looker stands out from its competitors because of its easy-to-use data analytics features, which can work from multiple sources and lets you critically examine different aspects of your business on a single platform. The app also allows you to present your findings with your stakeholders and even lets you send reports directly to Slack, apparently saving you a lot of time and effort.


According to Forbes, social media can have a huge impact on budding companies. It can help them compete and rise above the rest of the industry. It’s a useful tool that, when harnessed properly, can significantly boost your business.

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Buffer helps with this as it lets you post on several social media platforms all from one place. To add to this, the app also provides you with analytics reports so you can optimize your social media marketing campaigns. It has a handy function for scheduling posts so you can take advantage of high-traffic hours, helping you get your message across to your intended audience.


Sometimes, entrepreneurs are so busy taking care of different aspects of their organization that it’s easy to forget about their mental health. One major concern is stress, which not only affects their quality of life and wellbeing, but it also prevents leaders from doing their best.


In fact, Chron points out that it can affect both your ability to process new information and your analytical prowess. This is why mental health is so important, even in the business world. In this regard, Headspace is an app that guides you with meditation. Use it whenever you need a breather and you’ll start noticing positive changes in both your work and personal life.


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