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Here’s How To Block Ads In All Android Apps On Your Smartphone [No Root]

Ads are good to a certain point until the developer ruins the overall user interface just to extract money out. Well, if you’re in the market looking for ad-blocker you will find many like NetGuard, Adguard, and several others, but all these apps have one thing in common, all these apps drain the battery.

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Not to worry, we got a way out of the ads using Julian Klode‘s non-root ad-blocker app, which not only does what it is said to do but also save lots of battery life in the process. Moreover, the app is completely free and open-source, which is more than enough to make it to the list of best non-root ad-blocker app.

How To Block Ads In All Android Apps

Before we begin, here are the requirements;

  • Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.
  • Make sure your smartphone is “Unknown sources” enabled.

Step 1: Install DNS66

Julian Klode‘s DNS66 will block all ads on your smartphone without excess battery drain. It is not available on the Google Play Store, so you need to use F-Droid Repository. F-Droid is a trusted home for free and open-source Android apps, tap the below-given link to download DNS66.

Block Ads


Scroll down to the Packages section on the page, tap “download apk”. Click on the downloaded file and install it.

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Step 2: Choosing Ad Domain Filters

After installing the DNS66, when you first launch the app, you will land on the start tab. You can adjust a few settings but for the most users, leaving the options just as it is, is the best option.

Block Ads

Head over to the Hosts tab where you need to pick at least one ad-blocking hosts file, which is basically a list of known ad servers that DNS66 will block for you. There are some hosts sources that are enabled by default, but some will occasionally fail to download.

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So, to be more precise, we would recommend enabling “Adaway hosts file”, which is a great has an excellent ad-blocking list and won’t land up in issues like other host files. You need to tap on the shield icon to enable or disable the Hosts file. Once, you have selected (at least one), tap the refresh icon at the top to download the Hosts file.

Step 3: Enable the VPN Service

Block Ads

After selecting the Hosts file, head back to the Start tab and then tap the “Start” icon at the bottom to start VPN ad-blocking service. Click “OK” on the popup to set DNS66 as your phone’s VPN service.

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Step 4: Apps That Block Ads

After you’re done with above-said steps, the ads will be blocked in your browser, as well as all of your other apps. You will see a small key icon in your status bar when the service is active. You can pause and restart it whenever you want.

Block Ads

The best part of using DNS66 app is that it blocks ads at the DNS level, meaning? only DNS traffic is redirected through DNS66 and filtered for ads, which is way different than (other) VPN-based ad-blockers which filters all data traffic for ads. Perhaps, this reason translates to a very minimal effect on battery life, as the only tiniest bit of data is being filtered, compared to similar apps like Adguard or NetGuard.

Global Ad-Blocking Behaviour

Source: GlobalWebIndex


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