Ark OS
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Huawei was reported (a while ago) developing its own OS. And after backlash from the US, the process has been fastened up, however, the name of the OS was not clear. Earlier, the reports claimed that it will be called HongMengOS, but was unclear, not anymore, thanks to several trademarks that Huawei submitted, we may know the name of its new upcoming operating system.

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Ark OS: Android’s Substitute

Huawei has trademarked three names (on May 24) with EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) which includes HUAWEI ARK OS, HUAWEI ARK, ARK, and ARK OS. Mind you, these trademarks do not confirm the name of the upcoming Android alternative, but considering the company is working on an OS, the chances are as high as possible.

Ark OS

The US resentment forced (the US) companies or companies that have direct ties to those US companies to stop selling components, as various patents are into play, which may render Huawei illegible to use those parts. Not just that, the US-clash has brought down Huawei’s sales, thanks to the uncertain future.

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Google has granted Huawei a three-month grace period to keep its Android license, which means the company has just 3 months to turn the table around. The promising part is, Huawei’s CEO said that the company is ready for the change, and ensured its users that everything will be okay, but there are a ton of obstacles for the company if the situation doesn’t get ironed out.

Ark OS
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Based on the numbers, Huawei is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and the company was aiming to take on Samsung next year, but these issues will affect those plans. Everything will fall in place if the US-China trade deal settles up good. That said, if the issues not resolved, we might see Huawei fall down the ladder, leaving the vast majority of the market for Samsung and Apple to control.


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