Here Is Why You Need To Skip OnePlus 7 Pro; OnePlus 6T Is Still Stellar!

OnePlus 7 Pro
Image Credits: Angela Lang/CNET

Before we start with why you shouldn’t, let us be clear, OnePlus 7 Pro is not bad, at least not from the far fact. OnePlus has emerged as a brand that provides flagship smartphones without breaking the bank. That said, the company has launched its flagship OnePlus 7 Pro with high-end hardware, amazing design, and great display, all for a couple of hundred dollars less than the so-called flagship smartphones.

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We can’t deny the fact that the price of OnePlus’ new smartphones have expanded and now, crossed the 50K mark for the pro variant, however, the company has lowered the pricing of OnePlus 7, probably to balance it out. But it is kind of poor to see a company tied itself to a meaningless rat race, which at the beginning it opposed.

So, Why Skip OnePlus 7 Pro?

First thing first, the OnePlus 7 Pro comes with industry-first 90Hz, AMOLED display, which is a breeze to use. Also, the new triple camera setup on 7 Pro is better than the old dual-lens setup in the OnePlus 6T. The new Snapdragon 855 chipset on 7 Pro offers extended power, but OnePlus 6T is no slower, either.

OnePlus 7 Pro
Image Credit: AndroidPit

The OnePlus 7 Pro comes with a camera popping mechanism, apparently making it noticeably thicker, but why? 6T already had an unobstructed notch and was slightly sleeker (in dimension) and was lighter too. Well, on the flip side, we cannot ignore the fact that the 7 Pro comes with 4000mAh battery compared to the 3700mAh battery on 6T.

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OnePlus hyped about the charging speed with its new (included) 30-watt adapter. But logically, the larger the battery, more the time it takes to juice up the device. So, topping up the juice with faster charging didn’t help much, and both 7 Pro and 6T landed on the same page in terms of charging time (in many of the tests) i.e 60 percent in half hour.

Now, Why OnePlus 6T Is Still Better?

Don’t get us wrong, OnePlus 7 Pro may be a great value of money, but 6T is still better. With AMOLED display, Snapdragon 835 SoC, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage, Oxygen OS, and thanks to the recent price drop, the OnePlus 6T is (now) priced at Rs 32,999.

OnePlus 6T
Image Credits: CNET

It’s not that, OnePlus is not aware of how well OnePlus 6T continues to be, which is why the company is offering OnePlus 7 in markets outside North America. Directly or indirectly, OnePlus 7 is functionally the OnePlus 6T, but with a slight design tweak, faster processor and two of the 7 Pro’s three new cameras.

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OnePlus might have good justification on the rising price tag, but users (at the end of the day) don’t care much, as the brand it’s moving from affordability (flagship killers) to breaking your budget (killer flagships), and this is exactly where Xiaomi’s sub-brand POCO want to make a business off.

In fact, ASUS’ Zenfone 6 is making a lot of noises, but will it break OnePlus 7’s stride? possibly. OnePlus has been launching limited/special editions to make up the mentality of users to pay more. So, now, they raised the pricing without any special/limited editions, it’s all tactical. Keeping everything aside, if you’re already using OnePlus 6T and confused on whether or not to upgrade? the answer is a big NO. Let us know what you guys think in the comments below.


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