Stuffcool Type C 3A Fast Charge 10000mAh Power Bank Review

A future proof power bank with slim-trim design and build!

Stuffcool Type C 3A

In today’s world where apps and games have taken over the smartphone, and apparently became a part of our life, battery technology hasn’t seen any wondrous changes. Don’t take me wrong, it has evolved but most of the flagships last a day or so, but with conserved battery use. Which also means, carry a power bank isn’t a choice, but a need.

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This very need is considerably pulled by Stuffcool with its Power bank 10000mAh Type-C 3A Fast Charge Power Bank (B1062). This comes after the launch of 10000mAh Type-C power bank with two-way Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 last year. Well, let us find out how well this power bank performed and whether it a worthy buy or not.

Stuffcool Type C 3A Power Bank: Design And Build

The Stuffcool 1062 power bank has a dotted textured body, great for holding and gripping. The best part is that it has slim/compact form-factor, meaning, it fits your pocket without getting noticed and easy to carry around. The compact design doesn’t comprise with the overall build, the power bank is made of plastic which means it is rigid enough to take a few drops.

Stuffcool Type C 3A

Not just that, it weighs just 231 grams and features four LEDs that light up in white to indicate the current charge level (0-25, 26-50, 51-75, 76- 100), however, it doesn’t blink like Mi Power bank making it more relevant, no dealbreaker though.

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Stuffcool Type C 3A Power Bank: Ports And Charging

Speaking of ports, it has 4 ports in total, in which 2 x USB-B ports, 1 x microUSB and 1 x USB-C;

Stuffcool Type C 3A

  • 2 USB outputs – Dual USB outputs with a max output of 2.4A can power up your smartphone/tablet faster than conventional 1A chargers/power banks.
  • Type C 3A input/output – For fast charging your devices.

I could charge my Pixel 3 using USB-C in 1 hour 25 minutes from 10 – 100%. Furthermore, the power bank took around 6 hours to charge (using Type C) and almost the same using microUSB.

Stuffcool Type C 3A Power Bank: Features

The Stuffcool 1062 power bank is backed by a Smart IC, which gives out complete protection against problems like over current and over voltage. It is also BIS certified, apparently ensuring all the safety standards are taken care of.

Stuffcool Type C 3A

Longitivity? well, the company claimed more than 500-time charge/discharge life cycle. So, no need to worry about the power bank’ battery life for 500 days even if you recharge your power bank’s drained out battery daily after using the power bank to charge your smartphone more than twice a day.

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The Stuffcool Type C 3A fast charge 10000mAh power bank is priced at Rs 1999. So it is worthy? well, it depends. If you want future proof power bank with fast charging abilities, then Stuffcool 1062 power bank is to go for.



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