This AI-Powered Chrome Extension Filters Out Toxic Comments From YouTube, Facebook, Twitter And More

    Moderating the comment section is a tough job in 2019, as it filled with trolls and cyber bullies. Well, in an attempt to curb this, Google‘s parent company Alphabet is working on an experimental AI-powered Chrome extension dubbed as Tune that lets users tune out toxic comments for their well being.

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    Google’s AI-Powered Chrome Extension

    For the introduction, Jigsaw is one of those Alphabet units working to make the Internet safer, which acts like Area 51, but in a different way. Earlier in the days, it had launched a few experimental projects like Intra (for protecting against DNS manipulation and censorship) and so on.

    AI-Powered Chrome Extension

    Jumping back to Tune, it lets people customize how much toxicity they want to see in comments across the internet. What I mean by that is, it lets you turn the volume of toxic comments down for “zen mode” to skip comments completely or turn it up to see everything. That said, as of now, the tool will work only on for comments on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Disqus.

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    We can’t let off the disclaimer that it is still an experimental model and sometimes misses some toxic comments and incorrectly hides some non-toxic comments. The extension currently works on English language comments only and is available to download from Chrome extension page.


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