Spotify Officially Launched In India With A Monthly Subscription Of Rs. 119 ($1.67)

    After a bunch of rumors and pushed launch, Spotify has (finally) got officially launched in India. Knowing the fact that, India is one of the biggest market/consumers, Spotify took a good amount of time to launch its services here.

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    Spotify Officially Launched In India

    After waiting for years, Spotify comes around. So, from now on, you don’t need to search for VPNs or ways to work around with Spotify in India. The app is now available on the Play Store and the signup is open and furthermore, you can even buy a premium subscription for ad-free and very high-quality music.


    Before you jump into the premium squad, Spotify gives you a 30-days trial, and speaking of the pricing, the company is charging Rs. 119 per month and Rs. 1,189 per year (viz around Rs. 99 per month). Moreover, if you are a student you get a discount of up to 50%, which is intimidating. The pricing is slightly cheaper than that of Apple Music.

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    If you don’t want to buy a recurring Spotify subscription, you can go for one-time top-ups at the following rates:

    • Rs. 13 per day
    • Rs. 39 for seven days
    • Rs. 129 for one month
    • Rs. 389 for three months
    • Rs. 719 for six months

    Comparison With Others Music Streaming Services

    Streaming ServiceMonthly PlanYearly Plan
    SpotifyRs. 119Rs. 1,189
    Apple MusicRs. 120Rs. 1200
    JioSaavnRs. 99Rs. 999
    GaanaRs. 99Rs. 499
    Wynk MusicRs. 49Rs. 349
    Google Play MusicRs. 99No Yearly Plan
    Amazon Prime MusicRs. 129Rs. 999

    That said, the launch of Spotify in India was expected to happen last month but was delayed for several reasons, one being over licensing rights from Warner Music Group (we hope it settles down soon). One thing for sure, it won’t be an easy sail for Spotify to compete with well-established streaming services in India.



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