These Are 5 Best Security Chrome Extensions You Must Start Using Right Now

Security Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome has been stringently growing and now has around 63.3% of the browser market share. One thing that kept me bidden to Chrome is its abundance of extensions. Not that I don’t use other browsers, I do, but I think extensions play a pretty good part in the decision making (at least for me), next to privacy.

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That said, security and privacy have been the main concern in this internet ridden world. There are a variety of things you can do to deal with, but if you are a Chrome/Chromium user, we are here with 5 best security Chrome extensions that you must use in our daily internet surfing.

HTTPS Everywhere

As it sounds, the HTTPS is a website protocol that guarantees the site’s security before you visit. There are several sites with just HTTP with lacking ‘S’ that ensures user security with encryption. So, what does this extension do?

Security Chrome Extensions

This extension rewrites the request you send to any website you want to visit so you can be sure your browser produces the secure version of that site ensuring that all your personal information is kept safe. Mind you, it is not necessary that the sites with HTTPS protocol are 100% secure.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

The data that companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and many others are generally used to target the ads to the appropriate user, and can’t deny (after Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal) the data is used for many other reasons.

Security Chrome Extensions

Well, DuckDuckGo, a private search engine dedicated to ensuring user privacy has brought us an extension that secures you from trackers and other privacy bugs. This is a multi-feature extension, it gives;

  • Privacy Grade: This grade shows how much a site can be trusted, before and after the Privacy Protection is applied.
  • Encrypted Connections: This force sites to use encrypted connections when available, protecting your data from prying eyes. This feature kills the purpose of the earlier discussed HTTPS Everywhere.
  • Avoidance Ad Trackers: This stops advertisers from tracking you on the sites you visit, apparently saving you from getting targetted from your own searches.

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Google Password Checkup

2018, has seen numerous hacks, among all (for the most part), it was due to the common practice of using the same password on various sites. Concerning that, Google has brought in Password Checkup, an extension that helps you resecure accounts that were affected by data breaches.

Security Chrome Extensions

So, wherever you sign-in, if you enter a username and password that is no longer safe due to appearing in a data breach known to Google, you’ll receive an alert asking you to reset your password. This extension, according to Google was built with privacy in mind, a nifty extension.

Fair AdBlocker

AdBlocker has emerged as one of the most used extensions, thanks to improper Ad practices of websites, users have gotten into the fashion of blocking all the ads, presumably lowering the revenue generation of all the websites and even YouTube channels.

Security Chrome Extensions

Well, to fair up the game, the Fair AdBlocker kicks in. This extension not only offers adware protection but also saves you from malware on the browsing website. Once installed, configure your blocking settings to hide the types of ads you’re least interested in seeing especially those that carry dangerous information that can infect your computer.

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Last but not least, this is Click&Clean, a multifunctional extension. So, if you are constantly searching and downloading stuff online, it sometimes becomes tiresome to clear your browser history or cache or download log. That’s when this extension comes handy.

Security Chrome Extensions

This extension allows you to clear your cache, URL searches, cookies, and download history with a single click of a button on your browser toolbar. Not just that, this extension can also scan your computer for viruses and clean up your hard drive of the unused application, seemingly speeding up your machine.


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