This Tiny Wireless AI Security Camera Runs Battery-Free, Entirely On Solar Power

    AI has been reputed and is been taken seriously in several sectors. Proving the worth of AI in the security field is a Seattle-based startup The startup has unveiled a prototype AI camera or say a wireless AI security camera that runs entirely off solar power, no external power source is required.

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    Wireless AI Security Camera

    The Wireless AI security camera has a piddling 320 x 320 resolution, an FPGA chip to handle processes and is primed with an object recognition algorithm. This security camera, theoretically, you can stick this device anywhere outdoors and have it transmit data back to you indefinitely.

    Wireless AI Security Camera
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    Furthermore, it is compatible with a few different low-energy wireless communication protocols like LoRANarrowband IoT and others because Wi-Fi drains too much battery, which has the potential to push information over tens of kilometers. The company claims that, if you fit the device with a battery, it can store enough power during the day to keep it running during low-sunlight and at night.

    Wireless AI Security Camera
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    The amount of frames the device can process each second depends on how much sun it’s getting. Xnor says that on a sunny day it runs at 32fps, but this can be compensated for with bigger solar cells. That said, the solar-powered AI camera is not yet ready to sell though. Well, if it does, it will be priced relatively cheap, somewhere near US$10.

    Wireless AI Security Camera
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    The best part is that, the photos and videos taken from this device are not stored on the device, which means they’re potentially more secure. One thing is for sure, devices like these are going to become common in the future.


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