Here’s How To Get Chrome’s New Themes (Including Dark Mode); The Wait Is Over, Maybe!

Chrome's New Themes

We have been fantasizing about dark mode on Chrome for a while now. Although there is a different way to make it happen, but things weren’t that easy. Well, “The Chrome team”  now allow you to paint the browser in black, yellow, slate blue, rose pink and many more hues.

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The above mentioned these not only adjust the color of the menu bars and interface but also coat the color to the default Google home page. Whether or not this is the true Dark Mode that was rumored about is subjective, as the Jet Black theme doesn’t really change the colors of your menus. Either way, this is a welcome addition.

How To Get Chrome’s New Themes

Chrome's New Themes

  •  Select a theme you want to go with.

Chrome's New Themes


  • Click Add to Chrome.

Chrome's New Themes

  • You undo the theme, if you didn’t like.

Chrome's New Themes

  • To switch to a different theme, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.

Chrome's New Themes

  • To revert to default, navigate to “chrome://settings/appearance” and click “Reset to default.”

Hope this quick tutorial helps and if you have any difficulty regarding the topic, let us know in the comment section below.


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