10 Things You Should Check Before Buying A New Laptop [Buying Guide]


Your laptop is one of the key components when it comes to either entertainment or work. At the same time, we can’t deny, how hard it is to choose one among many. If you are in dilemma (to what to chose) then, we’re here to help you out with things that you need to make sure before buying a new laptop for yourself.

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The key things you need to know are the hardware and prolonged mobility while working or consuming entertainment. But there are still several things you ignore apart from these. Here is a list of features you should check before getting yourself a brand new laptop;


You should choose what kind of laptop style you would prefer, according to your need. Your purpose decides whether you need a hybrid or notebook or ultrabook. For generally hand-in-hand carry or easy mobility, go with hybrid or ultrabooks.

ASUS ZenBook 2
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On the other side, for entertainment, you should better go with a hybrid for easy usability due to the touch screen. However, the pricing is where the problem arises. So, stick to the core part i.e purpose and choose wisely.


Being in trend is fine, but having no ports or a single port on the laptop pins the whole working progress (subjective). We’ve seen many laptops these days which are switching to USB Type-C for the good.

ASUS TUF Gaming FX504 Review

Don’t get us wrong, the addition of Type-C’s is good, but only a single port can bring you many disadvantages, like going for a separate dongle. You should check for other ports apart from the USB Type-C port to ensure your work doesn’t lag just because of the ports.

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RAMs come in various types depending on the capacity viz 4GB, 8GB or even more to the class. The difference isn’t too much but it is can still give a small needful boost to your performance. So, never ignore the RAM part and not just that, given a chance always choose DDR5 over DDR4 over DDR3. The bigger (number), the better.


RAM alone, doesn’t do wonders. You need to a future packed processor too. Well, everything comes down to the budget. If you go for high performance, you need to look out for Intel Core i9, i7 and other AMD side, Threaddipper and so on.

ASUS TUF Gaming FX504 Review

For mediocre usage, you will be good with i5 (above the 5th gen) or AMD A8 processor. What if you’re low on budget, Intel Core i3 or AMD A7 will work for you. Everything boils down to how you can spend for your laptop.

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ASUS TUF Gaming FX504 Review

The keyboard is also a key thing that adds to a laptop. As the size of the laptop decreases, the keyboard compresses too. So you need to try it yourself before you get one if possible. Other than that, take a look at backlit keyboards. It is better for dim light situations.


The display is a key part of the laptop this is where you are going to stare at, be for gaming, work or for purely for entertainment purpose. If in reach and possible, take a demo of how the screen looks outside and indoors.

ASUS TUF Gaming FX504 Review

Give a close look to vividness, color calibration, sharpness, and overall brightness and also check whether the resolution of the display fits your need or not. Most importantly, always, check for reviews on the internet.


Nvidia Volta 1

Looking for discrete graphics from manufacturers like Nvidia and AMD is preferable compared to that of integrated graphics. If you want to do gaming on your laptop, then you need to look for a dedicated graphics card and its performance. However, for casual usage and minor gaming, integrated graphics will do the work.

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If given a chance, always prefer SSD over HDD. Traditional hard drives tend to work very slow compared to SSDs. The Solid state drives (SSD) have the advantage of having less moving parts compared to the HDDs. If you really need an astounding transfer speed (read and write) and overall improved performance, you should look out for an SSD.


ASUS Vivobook X507UA

The battery of any given laptop depends upon the usage of the end user. But still the larger the battery, the better battery life you get. So keep an eye out for the battery too before you get too excited with specifications part.


ASUS Zenbook S U391UA-ET012T

Even though you get a good laptop, you need to snatch an eye on the warranty. Because if something goes wrong, a warranty should be available to get things fixed. So, look out for a laptop that provides longer warranty than only a year and if can pay some ransom to extend the warranty period, always do. 

This article was nimble, but we have provided a mindful way to buy a laptop. Hope this article helped you in some way. Now it’s up to you what suits your style. If you have any query, comment down below, we will be happy to answer it. 

Additional inputs by Atish Rajasekharan


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