Regor 10W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Review: Affordability With No Drop In Quality!

A number of audio inputs make it a bang-on price to value!


Regor, a brand that manufactures products that enhances the overall user experience which also includes accessories for smartphone and several other products, has recently launched its Stereo Bluetooth Speaker in the Indian market. So, is it any good? does it have a good audio quality? and above all, is it worthy? let’s find out in this review.

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In-Box Content

Regor 10W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

  • Regor 10W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
  • USB cable (for charging)
  • Aux cable
  • Paper works

Regor 10W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker: Build

Right of the box, the Regor 10W stereo Bluetooth speaker looks compact with a sturdy build. The speaker looks smooth and minimal but adds a slightly rugged feel to it. The denim-like cloth (it’s not actually denim) at the front of the rectangular polycarbonate build adds essence to the speaker’s look.

At the top, we have four button Volume down, calling, Play/ Pause, and Volume up. Moving to the back, we have a Power switch, Micro USB port for charging, Full USB port, MicroSD card slot, and 3.5mm audio jack, the company hasn’t left any port to complain about, which also means that this speaker is for a wide range of users.

At the bottom, we have a long strip of rubber that lets you stick the speaker on the surface, which is not recommended if you want an on-the-go speaker. But again, the company offers you an undistinguished option. Apart from that, the speaker weighs 399 grams and measures 196 x 116 x 58 mm.

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Regor 10W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker: Audio Quality

Before we jump into the performance, let’s talk about the same old nimble pairing process. So, turn on the Bluetooth and search for ‘REGOR’ and then tap to connect. As and when the speaker gets connected, the flickering blue color around the power button becomes static and an in-built voice will confirm the connection. Later, you know how it games.

Regor 10W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

As there are a lot of ports on this speaker to play around with, you can go old school. You can connect your MP3 Player or USB to play your jam. Furthermore, if you are connected the speaker with your phone (via Bluetooth or Aux wire), you can attend calls as well, thanks to the added Microphone.

Regor 10W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
USB and Aux cable is included in the box.

So, how did it perform? well, the speaker was impartially loud, however, the audio quality on high volume isn’t prominent as it is on lower levels. Meaning? the sound output cracked the at high volume, but for the price, it is still acceptable. That said, this speaker is certainly not for those who care a lot about sound quality.

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Coming to battery life, the Regor Bluetooth Speaker is powered by 1200mAh battery. The company professes to offer 6 hours at 60% volume, but in our testing, it touched 5 hours 24 minutes mark, which is definitely not bad at all.


  • Minimal design
  • Diverse input options
  • Good battery life


  • Audio quality could have been better
  • Average Microphone


Regor 10W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

The Regor 10W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker comes with a smooth yet sturdy design, a decent sound quality and with a bunch of audio input options, which unquestionably makes it worthy for the price you are paying. The Regor 10W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker is priced at Rs 1,099 as of now in



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