Google Hit With €50M Fine For Breaching Strict New EU Privacy Law; New Year, Old Google!

    European Union’s privacy laws are strict and companies like Google, Facebook has been in its radar. Well, Google has recently violated the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) according to French National Data Protection Commission, because of which Google has been slapped with €50 million which roughly translates to US$57 million.

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    €50M Fine For Breaching New EU Privacy Law

    This fine marks the first major transgression of the new law and one that was preceded by over half a year’s worth of investigations. The CNIL’s (French National Data Protection Commission) case against Google started in late May when the agency received collective complaints about Google’s supposedly dishonest data policies.

    EU Privacy Law

    As per the official conclusions, Google failed to inform its users of the type and extent of data it collects on them and also did not obtain proper consent to do so in the first place, thus being in direct violation of several GDPR articles.

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    New Year, Old Google!

    Google’s issues with some high-profile European regulators and legislators, which appears to have continued in 2019. However, the $57-million equivalent fades in comparison to almost $7 billion in fines already attached to Google by the European Commission’s competition panel.
    EU Privacy Law
    Well, Google is currently reviewing the CNIL’s decision. The technology juggernaut is expected to share an update on the situation later this year and may or may not face more similar accusations moving forward as disagreements.


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